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At Davis and Amaral Mortgage Consultants, Inc. we care about you as a person, a family, with feelings, concerns and worries. You are not just another loan, a number on a page, like you would be with other lenders.

Buying or refinancing a home can be a stressful time because it is the biggest investment in your life and your are placing this investment in the hands of a stranger. Worse yet, with the large financial institutions you not only are just another loan number you never even get to talk to the same person twice in a row, so you are forced to continually repeat yourself and wonder if they are even looking at your application!

NOT SO with Davis & Amaral Mortgage Consultants, Inc. because we care about you and want to build a long term relationships. When you pick a loan officer at our company you will stay with that loan officer throughout your entire loan process. You will get called weekly with updates on how your loan is progressing and your loan officer will call all the Real Estate Agents involved with your loan, the lender, and the title company to keep them informed every step of the way orchestrating your loan step by step.

Besides this we literally do the shopping for you. Over 10 years ago the owners of Davis & Amaral set up the concept of shopping more than one lender for their clients. This was way before the T.V. ads and the radio ads stating that if you call that company they will get four lenders competing for your loan. We set our company up with over 150 different lenders with several hundred loan programs so we literally can shop your loan simultaneously with a multitude of lenders.

Our application, credit report and appraisal are good with every lender we work with so that you will not experience multiple inquiries on your credit report causing your credit scores to go down and damage your ability to get the best rate possible.

If you went to five different lenders yourself they would pull five credit reports and you would have five inquiries which could cause your credit scores to drop substantially. By allowing us to shop for you we only pull your report once.

Davis & Amaral Mortgage Consultants, Inc. has been in business for over 15 years and each and every loan officer that works for us has substantial experience in the mortgage loan industry opposed to other companies where their officers might have been selling cars a week before. Our officers are seasoned, professional, caring individuals who have been hand picked to match the high standards of our company.

We offer a variety of loans, virtually every type of loan available for home financing. Some of these include loans for refinancing, reverse mortgages, purchase loans, equity lines of credit, construction loans, land loans, FHA loans, VA and Cal Vet loans, etc.

We are your one stop shop to make sure you are fitted with the best loan for your needs at the best rate possible and with the least amount of problems and stress.

At Davis & Amaral we treat you like family!